Shayism: Clutter Clogs


Today’s “Shayism” is brought to you by my good friend, Ryan John Phillips, founder of Return to Happiness, regarding the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Vibration: We radiate that which we send out in thoughts and emotions. It’s the feeling aspect of our life which we impress upon the subconscious mind that creates the physical aliment/equivalent.

Action Step: Where is clutter showing up in your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual life?

Perhaps you recently had an opportunity to move some clutter out of your space. What did you do?

If it was the physical kind was it cleaning, using the law of circulation, giving things to Salvation Army, throwing away unneeded and unwanted objects?

If it was the Mental/Emotion/Spiritual clutter what did you do? Did you journal, meditate, do a physical activity such as yoga, exercise, go for a run, play a sport to process things in your mind?
When I work on my Mental/Emotional/Spiritual de-cluttering the thing that works best for me is to journal. I will grab one of my ringed 1 subject notebooks, flip to a blank sheet of paper and usually write a heading such as “Why do I feel like ______” or “Why does _____ keep showing up in my life” and then I just start to write. Sometimes I will write a few paragraphs or a few pages, if it is a really sore subject or striking a cord with me (which it usally does and hense the reason why I am choosing to de-clutter) there will be a lot of tears involved which is a good thing. WHAT! Tears a good thing? Yep, the tears are simply a indication of where we are watering our growth. Like the Law of Vibration suggests “It’s the FEELING aspect of our life which we impress upon the subconscious mind that creates the things in our world”. So the Tears allow us to tap into our emotions to then shift the subconscious mind and start to make the change of that which you are journaling about. The great thing about this process is that by the time I am done writing I have gotten an answer to my question, I have released the emotional clutter as well as the physical clutter within my body allowing me to feel a TON better, lighter and ready to take on the day.

Now it’s your turn….I look forward to hearing what worked for you and/or being a sounding board for your questions and ways to use the Law of Vibration in your favor.
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Until Next Time Wishing You Many Prosperous Regards,Shay Wheat